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“Shhhh!” Two of Osmund’s fingers were on Alyson’s lips in a blur of a motion and his face pressed against hers, looking mean as ever. “Don’t you ever say that near bodies. They listen! Do you understand?” Alyson nodded, her eyes wide in shock, and she knew if her heart was still beating it’d be hammering. Continue reading “Osmund”

“Don’t burn your throat, vampire!”

The liquid in a cup smelled delicious. Alyson took a few big gulps – it was wonderful, aside from the heating sensation it sent through her body. She was surprised to see the vendor staring at her in shock.

“Hot, isn’t it? I hope you don’t burn your throat,” he said. Alyson realized she forgot to sip her drink and made a mental note to remember such human things today.

“Once in a Fortnight” Free Verse Poem

His hair fluttered in the wind,

Falling in ringlets onto strong shoulders,

Pale skin glimmered under the sun.

He locked his gaze with hers

Just for a second,

When the white stallion

Carried him past the cheering crowd.

For a fortnight she had waited

For this blissful second to come,

In which she forgot her dismal peasant life.

Many a year she had loved her knight –

Hers – just for one second

Every fortnight.


She always had something to occupy herself with, regretting there was never enough time to do everything she wished. She didn’t know whether that painful restlessness was the result of being so much on her own, or the reason for being so much on her own…


It was hard to see with the cold fog closely enveloping her. She walked to the dresser and almost jumped when saw a reflection of a white figure before her. She looked like she was made of ice; translucent, glowing steam with subtle blue crystallines rose sparkling from her entire body. Her hair acquired a deep shade of blue. The shocked eyes that looked back at her weren’t grey anymore, they were too a brilliant blue, like a lake frozen in time. She came closer and touched the mirror with a shaking hand, unsure if it wasn’t a stranger standing there, but it was solid. It was frightening to see her like that, although a small part of her couldn’t help to rejoice at the beauty. She didn’t understand why a state of pain made her look stunning. But then she wasn’t sure if she really was in pain…

You Are Always Right, poem

You are always right.
You know best how it needs to be
In your life, in your country, in your circus.
You know, because your parents taught you,

Your God said so, and you know your purpose.
You deem ignorant those who think you are wrong,
But they have different life,
different friends, and a different song.

Continue reading “You Are Always Right, poem”

Daily Prompt: Ancient

An ancient river bank is enveloped in the heavy sky, patiently awaiting the storm.

A small island in the middle of the river forces the powerful flow to break in two, to become unimposing and weak.

The break is but temporary, and the river forgets it quickly, merging back into power.

The river knows its purpose – the purpose it had since conception.

The islands will stay in its way, ruthless dams will try to subdue it, and corporate greed to destroy it,

But when it gets the chance to push forward, drop by drop, to resurrect itself, it will do so without hesitation,

Because nothing can unteach it the true purpose of existence, to be what it is – what it was always meant to be…

via Daily Prompt: Ancient

Bright Rose, poem

She was a bright red rose

That didn’t like noise.

She lived in a garden

And admired peace.

Continue reading “Bright Rose, poem”

The Eeriness

The forest smelled of grass and cold. Walking back from the hunt Eilif was in very good spirits, feeling full  – and full of life. It was still dark, but the sun had started to egress, and the tree shapes became silhouetted against the grey sky.

Eilif didn’t like to linger in the forest, no matter how great he felt after hunting.  Continue reading “The Eeriness”

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